What’s an “exclusive” package?

You may have heard the term before, but have you always wondered what is an “exclusive package” and how does it differ from the rest? Turns out, your choice of a regular package against an exclusive one could mean the difference in achieving your first home buying dream.

The difference between exclusive and regular house & land packages

Most builders offer the option to build on your own land or purchase a house & land package. A house & land package is when a buyer secures a block of land and the construction of a home in one process but two contracts. To know more about how house and land packages work click here

Developers release blocks of land in their estates that can be sold by any builder to a customer, making for a first in best dressed policy. This sees these types of packages snapped up quickly as demand for land increases. Therefore, many first home buyers miss out.

An exclusive package occurs when a builder secures a block of land from the developer and cannot be sold by any other builder, making it “exclusive”. Land developers will do this to ensure they get the diversity of homes being built in their estate and therefore improving the overall appeal of the neighbourhood.

Why are exclusive house and land packages beneficial?

Exclusives are particularly appealing to those customers who are sick and tired of missing out on the desired location they are looking for.  By working with your preferred builder, you can secure one of these rare lots and have the home of your dreams to move into, often with the certainty of knowing that the home and being packaged will fit perfectly. 

If you’re struggling to secure the lot you really want, a great tip is to work with your builder on the home design that you love and let the builder do the work to gain you that rare opportunity that may never get advertised or released to the general public.. This takes the pressure off the daily search and quick action required to snap up a house and land package wanted by many.

How can I find an exclusive house and land package?

At PDX, we’ve made the search simple with our exclusive package filter. Simply head to the house and land package page, apply the filter, and voila! There they are! If you can’t find exactly what you want, reach out to our dedicated “House and Land Guides” who can make your search that much easier.

Click here to search exclusive packages.

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