6 ways to streamline your life and save money

It’s the weekend and you’re inside, again! Now is as good a time as any to start streamlining areas of your home, and take stock of what you own, and consume. There are so many ways to up tidy your life, save more money, and create less physical and mental clutter in the process.

1. Declutter

First things first. Empty out your wardrobe, drawers and cupboards to work out exactly what you own. Don’t be surprised if you find a few pieces of clothing with tags still on them, or products you never use. Sort into piles or boxes to donate, sell and keep. Be brutal.

2. Organise

Spend some time reorganising your closet and drawers so it’s easy to find what you need.       

If it helps, together in order of occasion ie. Work, Workout, Weekend etc. This will help you establish if there are legitimate gaps in your wardrobe. Yes, this last bit means you might have to spend some money, but by creating a functional wardrobe, and you’ll never utter the words ‘I have nothing to wear’.

3. Write a list

Resist the urge to impulse buy items that you don’t necessarily need. Tip: Try to avoid shopping online when you’re bored. If there is something you need, such as a new pair of running shoes to replace your worn-out pair, write it down and set a price limit for it. That way, when you’re shopping for it, you can tick it off your list, like you would groceries.

4. Resell items you no longer wear or want

The resale market is huge right now. Facebook Marketplace, private Facebook groups and eBay are easy places to list items, and there are also online sites that specialise in reselling specific items such as designer apparel and accessories and tech, so do some Googling. You might have items that no longer fit, or simply don’t get enough use out of  — make some money off them!

5. Buy what you need, not what’s on sale

Chances are some of the items in that ‘Donate’ or ‘Sell’ pile are sale items. That’s because when you’re buying based on price, you’re not always buying something you actually need. Before buying something when you see the next sale, look through your wardrobe first. Do you own something similar? Will the item go with existing items? Would you buy it if it was full price?

6. Become a considered shopper

If you’re in need of something, remember to shop quality over quantity. Look for products, appliances and clothing made to last, rather than cheaper, mass-produced options that will break, wear or date easily — it will save you money in the long run. Now is also a great time to #shoplocal small businesses and independent sellers online, so you can feel good about what you are purchasing. 

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